An ensemble of contemporary furniture and homeware with a little of this and a little of that; a collection of heterogeneous elements inspired by or contextual surrounds.

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A collection of exclusive one-off and order only designs that are inspired by materials or manufacturing techniques. Accidental discoveries of remarkable raw materials make inspiration instantaneous as if these pieces almost design themselves. Even manufacturing techniques have been a source of inspirational designs as certain designs are enhanced by what is technically possible. These items are unique so keep your eyes open for these special pieces.

Focusing on both commercial and residential spaces with a full turnkey service. Desteyned Living creates spaces that can be both personal, unique and most importantly feels like home. Interiors that are designed to be innovative and user-centered is the main goal of each project and an understanding that each project is in itself unique. With careful consideration of the brief and an assessment of your spacial interaction, we create solutions and options that cater to your lifestyle.


Another passion of Desteyned is finding beautiful objects from all over that has been forgotten or discarded.  These items are given new life by refurbishment and creating a second life to be appreciated and admired.  These items are sourced and curated to add that extra touch of individuality to your space.